Worship Wednesday

Take some time to pray and praise God this evening. And tomorrow. Of course you should do this 24/7, 12/365. Be extra and be thankful. For the good and bad.

I’m praising God for an awesome job in my career field 10 months out of undergrad. I’m praying that at least one coworker can visit my church, a bible study, or a fellowship event. I’m also praying for courage and discernment as I find more opportunities to minister in their lives.

I’m praising God for closer fellowship and communication with my blood family, especially momma. You couldn’t pay me enough to make me believe I’d see a day in which we could just simply talk and laugh. Without fear of the future (ok Proverbs 31 sisters?! Amen). I praise God that I get to witness her read her bible.

I praise God that we both belong to the Kingdom.

I pray for the rest of the Kingdom that we continue to encourage and build each other up. And to seek scripture to fill in the gaps of what we don’t know, what we don’t think, what we don’t see, and what we don’t feel. Yet.

Worship! Cut a step, sing in the bathroom. Something.


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