Worship Wednesday: Just Grateful

That’s how we need to be.

I woke up this morning nervous as all get out. Today was my first day as a professional (really a paraprofessional in my line of work) in a city I’m still learning. But I was welcomed as a family member, and in the midst of a VERY busy afternoon in the building, I was able to jump in and rock and roll with very little help (thanks to some volunteer experience). In just four months that I’ve lived here, I’ve met probably 200 people through public transportation, churches, libraries, medical centers, grocery stores, malls, beaches and neighborhood residences. After each outing I return to a nice home with a front and back porch (still can’t get over that white picket fence, I’m not the American dreamer), on a street with neighbors from various cultures. I’ve got my momma here with me, and an uncle 45 minutes away. I’ve committed to having intimate bible studies with two women my age who’ve graciously taken time out of their schedule, opened their homes and hearts up to me so God could go in and pour in. Health, strength, laughter, I mean come ON! The faithfulness of God continues to humble and astound me each day, and it keeps me from giving serious side-eyes and cussing people for their inadequacies, because He can pull the plug on me at anytime.

Thank you Lord for upholding me, and with a willing spirit. And a teachable heart.

And uh, I just found out that the shutdown has shut up.

Am I the only one grateful?


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