Boot Camp!

The church that I messed around in last Wednesday had my schedule packed, my contact list growing, and my phone buzzing a little too much last week. This afternoon, I had a personal bible study with a few ladies from the singles group in which I agreed to do a “three-week challenge.” During these three weeks I will be attending their midweek services (in addition to the Sunday service), bible talks, and other events where the singles meet and fellowship, and more personal bible studies when I have the time. In other words, I will be INTENSELY discipled. I am excited, scared, grateful and jumping all in. Consistently like this is new for me and I’m not gonna lie, all that I was involved in during this past week had me overwhelmed and irritated at times. But during that week, I’ve become a little stronger and a little more trusting of my Lord’s power.

And once again, He has answered my prayers. He’s also decided it’s time for me to grow up and grow deeper.

I said yes.

Prayers greatly appreciated as I begin training!


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