Worship Wednesday: I Messed Around

I done messed around today. Well, actually before today. I started praying for consistent, biblical discipleship loooooong before today. I messed around and continued to pray for this thing while visiting churches here in my new hometown. I messed around and talked to a few Jesus-loving people here who’ve given me their information, church websites and email addresses. I messed around and made my requests and supplications known here on this blog. And tonight, I messed around and visited a new church where people of all ages and backgrounds don’t even know you but will hug you upon first meeting you. And then, they will sit with you in a bible study/Wednesday worship service where the lesson is on spiritual maturity (another thing you’ve been messing around praying for). Later on you will learn that this church has not only small groups that meet weekly but individuals that will meet with you one-on-one to help you grow in your personal walk with the Lord.

I done messed around and got my prayers answered. With a yes. And at the right time, which is always His. I’m excited for what the Lord is going to do through me as I share His word with others in my new community and through fellowship with more and more of His children.

Time to celebrate!



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