Transformation Tunesday: Time Management

 A dear sister in Christ from my alma mater shared a very familiar sentiment this afternoon on her Facebook status. She said “Sometimes I wish I had a remote for my life, I think I would press Pause, Rewind and Sleep mode the most..” I remember this feeling very well during my undergrad years. Even though the busy-ness of life doesn’t exactly cease after you graduate, for the rest of us, if we don’t have the crazy chaos going on, a piece of us craves it. Recently, (as in like, today), I have surrendered to the fact that I need better time management. Not because my life is crazy, but because my priorities (as great as they are) need better delegation. This tune from Charlotte-based singer Lisa McClendon is a reminder of the #1 priority, the One that must always come first. Because He holds all things, and in Him all things hold together.

And, in making time with Christ our #1 priority, we can bear more of His patience with ourselves, as we do with others.




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