Transformation Tu(n)esday

I’ve always had this desire to be a DJ. (Technically, my first and middle initials provide this, lol). And for a while now, there’s been an inner push of encouragement to share some of the great music that has pushed me to walk harder in Christ. Starting tonight, the DJ will be taking over Tuesdays on G & G.  Enjoy, and feel free to leave responses and requests in the comment box below.  🙂

This first track has been on repeat non-stop in my ears for the past week. It reminds me of what I need more of everyday, with a little jazz and soul.

This next one here is a short and sweet acoustic from a WOW CD given to me years ago when I was teenager. Yet at that time, I wasn’t about that biblical, straight and narrow life – the one that requires humility and complete surrender.  I revisited this CD a few years ago, after I made the decision to let God lead me, and listened to this track. Ever had a worship song move you to tears? This is one of those for me.


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