Colorblind: A Buzzword That Really Needs To Go, In Jesus’s Name

I follow a popular Christian rapper named Derek Minor on Facebook. Here’s something he posted last night:

Among many responses to Minor’s status I have mine. But it isn’t towards the term that Minor hates. My response is directed towards those that identified themselves (in their comments to this status) as “colorblind.”
Just curious. Those of you that say you are “colorblind,” what does that mean? Are you saying that you don’t ever see the color of someone’s skin when you first look at them? Do you really look into someone’s heart and search for the spirit when you interact with someone who doesn’t look like you? I feel like too many of us want to say that we’re colorblind to quench a deeper and more valuable conversation on how skin color determines our outreach efforts and the relationships that we establish and maintain in our daily lives. I will never claim to be “colorblind.” But what I will say (and I say this regularly) is that because the adults in my life established and maintained relationships with people who had a different skin color than them, Satan has a real hard time deceiving me/making me apprehensive about building relationships with others that don’t share my skin color. Not that he hasn’t vigorously tried. I can’t stand the terms black/white church either, and I feel like “colorblind” needs to go also, as I feel a little more disturbed the more I hear believers use it. We are not blind to anyone’s flesh, we just abide in the Spirit. And since we abide in the Spirit, we need to drop cliché buzzwords like “colorblind” and be truthful about a tool Satan has used for generations to keep God’s Kingdom in disarray.
Just a thought.

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