Counterfeit Faith – Beware

Stay Connected to God



There are counterfeit bags, counterfeit money, even fake hair…lol i’m so guilty of the hair thing!

Whatever you can think of, there is corresponding counterfeit model.

There are many things that exist in substitution for the real thing. Perhaps because we cannot afford the real thing we opt to spend on a replica… the problem is, nothing beats the real thing. The bag zippers come apart quickly and lining begins to fray. They don’t last and in the end, you might just find out that it would have been better to have the real thing – that which has been proven, and found to stand the test. When it is counterfeit, it has no real value. Nor can it make any significant impact or change for an extended period of time. 

Let me be real with you for a moment. There are tasks that I have taken on in…

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