For over a month now

I’ve had a full-time gig!

A guy that tutors with me mentioned a need for an extra barista at the Starbucks he manages. I inquired a little, he asked if I was interested, and within a week I had the shortest interview of my life and started training. I work with an excellent, patient, wonderful crew of 4 (manager included). And so far, I couldn’t have prayed for a better opportunity. God certainly knew and filled my needs, while humbling and raising me along the way.

A Starbucks barista is now this woman’s occupation.


I’ll soon be volunteering at a small public library close to work – big step for my passion and path.


I’ve started attending a weekly lifegroup at my church. Big step of trust for me, and feel a little good but a little iffy about the first night. However, this kind of thing is what I prayed for, and I appreciate all prayers for my continued trust and focus on Christ throughout. We’re studying Believing God by Beth Moore. If you’ve read/watched any of her ministry I’d love some reviews and insight!


I still can’t believe it’s April.


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