Getting rid of some money…

So during and after service this morning (that I watched online in my jim-jams), I took one of the most intentional jumps of faith I ever took. I paid my tithes and offerings to a church I love and confidently call “mine.” Like, all that guilt money I gave other churches when I was hopping (and scared) do not count. This is my first time really giving to and for the Father. Once the payment was processed, I paid my rent. The little bit of shopping I wanted to do, will still be something that I want to do, lol. And I’m still waiting to feel unsettled, bitter and hopeless about that – SYKE!

I feel so grown up and accomplished. Anyone else care to celebrate with me?


2 thoughts on “Getting rid of some money…

  1. Congratulations 🙂
    You walk by faith and the giving is a demonstration of that.
    May God prove Himself to be the supplier of all your needs according to His riches in glory!!!(Phil 4:19)

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