Struggling in My Mind

…and I’m still blessed throughout. I’m a part of a network called The #GOALdiggers Project in which every Friday the owner/operator, writer-blogger-editor Britni Danielle virtually shouts (because all caps define virtual shouting) “GOOD FRIDAY! Time to share the GOOD and GREAT things that happened this week! Who’s first?” 

I wasn’t first, but allow me to copy and paste what I shared:

Dara-Lynn Baker The non-profit I volunteer for is having a meeting tomorrow and I’ll be leading a mini-workshop there! Lots of connecting with loved ones. This UPenn Symposium on the Politics of Black Hair – too great. God is never slack at humbling or teaching me;this week he certainly showed out. And I’m alive.
Now let me share some punches (uncopied and unpasted):
I needed an extension on an expense. My wages had me coming up short.
I felt INCREDIBLY lonely. And unproductive.
A sophomore was gunned down on campus housing at my alma mater. You might have heard on the news.
My patience was severely STRETCHED for several folks that showed no sense.
God’s grace and mercy still prevails. And they knocked out every single punch I had like a trophy bowler.
Today I got to relax and reflect. Chat, text with friends and family. Lay on my couch like I’m a homeless, jobless, guest (of which I’ve been doing the past few days – this thing’s so COMFY). Listen to music. Pray. Write.
What does Isaiah 26:3 say again? “You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.” My God is awesome. And he’ll continue to be.
Even with this headache I’m typing with. 

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