Prayers are greatly appreciated here!!!

During the wait for a full-time gig.

During the silence. The silence of unscheduled, unplanned mornings, afternoons and evenings.

I mulled around in my mind the thoughts I’ve had of moving to  Baltimore, MD for grad school and to start a fresh life. Why Baltimore? Because on a romantic solo vacay I took a couple summers ago I fell for the city and all of its charms (especially the Harbor and the Lexington Market). It reminded me of a southern Brooklyn – fast-paced, racially and professionally diverse city with a large community-feel (the biggest charm). From time to time until I graduated I would look at rental prices, community websites (including the particular neighborhood that I liked during my visit), several reviews on public forums from transplants around my age, cost-of-living calculators and the like. 

Then I had to confront something.

A couple of years ago, my mind, heart and faith were in a different place and stage. And I’ve come up quite a bit since. Long in short, God wasn’t in my mind when the idea to plant roots in Baltimore hit it. Now, I’m not that settled on the idea. I have much more time to get things together. But I’d really love to be clear on how God wants to use my hands and feet, and where.

One thing I am certain of, is that I do NOT want to spend the rest of my life in South Carolina, as much as it’s grown on me. Another thing I am certain of, is that before I moved to SC in 2005, I’ve never had a permanent address for longer than 3 years. Who’s to say that I won’t get the itch to switch if I move to Maryland and get anxious.

So, therein lies the larger issue. I’ve never really just waited. Part of the come-up has been my patience, as it has increased my faith. I need a little bit more.

Keep me in your prayers!


2 thoughts on “Prayers are greatly appreciated here!!!

  1. stopped and prayed for you, that you’d hear your Heavenly Father speaking clearly to you… showing you the way forward… one step, one step… providing light, courage, and strength for each step of faith…

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