Makes you feel so rich…

…To be freezing cold on the outside but have all-consuming fire on the inside.

…To spread that fire with kindness, generosity, especially when it isn’t returned. Because He’s sharpening you for grace and humility.

…To get a phone call from someone you go to church with, but have never met, to deliver information that could’ve easily been received through email, text, or Facebook.

…To know when to draw the line, when you want to be selfish.

…To see your family in the streets (no, not homeless). Not your blood, but His children, covered by His blood.

…To be able to give. And when you’re broke too!

…To sing (or yell) regardless of how pretty your voice sounds loudly, waking up your napping roommate and her friend. (Yeah this really happened – some running up and down the stairs, some waving a scarf in the air, some dancing, an iPod nano, and Fred Hammond were all involved). Make it L.O.U.D.

…To have the smallest room in the house with the most sunshine. My aloes aren’t the only ones getting great exposure.


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