Triumphs, wins, lessons, blessings…

There all one and the same. And here are mine for 2012. Anything not listed at the time of this post will be added to it – additions will cease at 12:00 a.m on January 1, 2013.

1. Can’t start without praising my God for answering my prayers for growth. I believe I started asking for growth in January, and I (and others surrounding) have experienced immediate results. Example? I am at the point now where I’m caught in private embarrassment when I get

ahead of myself; forgetting that He is Holy and in control.

2. I ditched my plan to study abroad in Ecuador this summer and instead went on a cheaper, longer, much more educational trip to Haiti where I served with a missions team and lived a different life with my roommate d’ ayiti.

3. My father and I began communicating on Facebook, after 7 years of separation. All I can say is, He makes all things new. I have to keep believing this.

4. After 5 1/2 years of course registrations, organizations, inconsistent syllabi, transient housing, on (and off) campus employment, internships, some good fun, some great foolery, switching schools, switching majors and adding one minor, I finally have a Bachelor’s.

5. I dated a young man that actually loved God, and took the initiative to keep his heart pure for Him by letting me go.

6. I was able to secure post-grad employment before I went to Haiti in June. I was gone for a month, and both my application and job offer stayed valid.

7. I was given another job offer two weeks before I graduated.

8. My mom went back to school! Along with having her own business, she is seeing what else she can do with her gifts.

9. I got my first smart phone. And I’m 23. Go ahead and let your jaw sag, laugh, widen your eyes. It’s true. It’s pretty sweet. But I’m not afraid, nor will I be ashamed if circumstances force me to backpedal to the flips and qwertys.

10. My brothers are both in their thirties now, and I’m witnessing them beginning to grow.

11. The quality of my writing has increased with the quantity of my reading and writing.

12. The viewers, readers and followers of Gab and Graffiti. It was nice to see an orange trophy-notification that G & G has received 100 likes. I appreciate you all, even the spammers.

13. My mom and I finally connected on social media! On We can virtually shop and share tastes together – I’m extremely pumped about it.

…More may be added:-)


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