Merry Christmas

This year I’ve chosen to have a peaceful Christmas. Peaceful as in solitary. Last weekend was full of last week, hour and minute preparations that culminated into celebration. I just graduated with my B.A. I yelled, shouted, cut some steps with friends, had a Big Steak omelette at IHOP, and spent the remainder of the weekend with my loved ones (those that celebrated with me).

After only a week out I’ve never felt so relaxed in my entire life. I have been working, but did not have the anxiety of coming home to fit homework assignments, dinner, miscellaneous planning/emailing, Bible reading and such all into 5 hours before I’d close my eyes. This week I have taken a deep, whole-hearted and spirited collective sigh.

And I won’t stop for Christmas. I don’t feel like I’ve spent enough time thanking God for his numerous blessings over the year, just me and Him. There is a LOT going on around me that hasn’t hindered His hand on my life, my heart and my mind. I want to celebrate the gift of his Son, and the fulfilled promise of restoration and eternal salvation through his Son.

I’m talking about Jesus Christ and there’s never been a greater gift.

Spending time with others is and always will be nice of course, and you won’t always have your loved ones for every Christmas you’ll see. Yet I’ve never really spent this time with the first one who loved me before. And I’d like to do it now, ahead of everyone, the miscellaneous of post-grad life and the upcoming year. Jesus is and always will be the reason for the season.

Tuesday, I’ll be roasting a young chicken, boiling black beans and rice, maybe simmering some cabbage and baking a pie. I haven’t decided if it will be apple or peach.

Have a blessed Savior’s birthday!


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