The Last Semester. The final week.

Monday is over. I’ve completed a revision for my creative lit workshop that I will be taking an exam for tomorrow. In the morning I will get up and review the study guide one more time, and buy a couple of green books. After I take my exam, I will be writing my final for my women writers class, complete that, and then study for my Business Spanish final – both courses will be done on Wednesday. Wednesday, I’ll prepare for my last final for that awful, miserable, boring Apocalypse survey to be taken Thursday.

I also turn 23 Wednesday.

Thursday after the Apocalypse exam I won’t look at another exam until I take my GRE. On my own time, non-conflicted by a rigorous course/job schedule.

Friday I’ll pick up extra tickets for my commencement crew.

Saturday I’ll be wearing a black gown, mortarboard (that’s what the Registrars are calling it instead of a cap), and a white tassel over a gorgeous dress and funky comfy wedges. Celebrating my long awaited RELEASE!!!!!!

Oh its gonna be a wonderful day.
And yet this is day that the Lord has made. I rejoice always because he has not only made me glad, but he raised me up the way no other parents/guardians ever could. I love my Father.


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