On Day 28


I’m thankful for:

– Not using the madness end-of-the-last-semester-of-college life as an excuse not to write. For me (I’m doing plenty of writing for other purposes these days).

– The end-of-the-last-semester-of-college-life that is two weeks away from being OVER! One assignment, one survey, one exam at a time. The enemy’s trying to replace my peace with stress – not happening.

– For kindness.

– For free prints. Thanks to a library supervisor’s generosity.

– A great last discussion lead for Studies in Women Writers (ENG 443) <—–Don’t know why those numbers drop like that there. I rocked my paper and presentation, although I was 20 minutes late. Why? A computer lab ran out of ink and I had to trot across campus to our library! It’s all good.

– God’s provision and favor, especially when I tell him “yes,” and “thank you.”


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