On Day 21

I’m thankful:

– For a smooth work shift.

– For correction and conviction. Because the Lord never lets me get away with my lies.

– For my uncle treating me to a bacon burger, a double, and fries from Burger King. Definitely felt like a special five-year old.

– For peace.

– For prayers. Vocal ones. I’m becoming more intimate with my Savior and it feels so good.

– The salted caramel mocha from Books-A-Million that I sipped while reading a novel assigned from class. (Starting to think I should start a food blog. What do y’all think?)

– For the gorgeous man that complimented me on my hair, smiled, stared into my eyes and stuttered while trying to tell me “Have a great day” at work. I smiled, said “Thank you” and kept it moving. Temptation test: A+, (because a couple seconds of indulging/flirting and this man would’ve had my number.) I’m leaving my love life in His hands as I’m learning to love Him more than myself. So I’m really grateful for this test, rather than the guy.


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