On Day 9

I’m so grateful for:

– This awesome week.

– Feeling totally unguilty about using my last allotted unexcused absence for my first class this morning, then having my non-guilt confirmed when I saw a class cancellation email from the professor of said class. Still have another absence to spend. WIN!!!!!

– Friends/sisters in Christ that work at frozen yogurt joints at the same mall where I work – so that when I clock out with time to spare I can sit on a bench with a hookup like this


From left to right – thats honey granola, mango, graham cracker crumbs, and kiwi covering a small cup of “tart” fro-yo.

If you don’t have a Yogen Fruz near you, save your life and move to a location that has one. You’re welcome.

– Having the time to see our Men’s Basketball team play their season opener in our new convocation rec center. With my last semester coming to a close I was determined to attend at least one game.  Got a great seat and some great shots!





Our “halftime entertainment.” This lady flipped ten bowls on her head two, three, four, and then five at a time using one leg. The other leg was used strictly for balance. She did her thing, and so did our men


And they WON!!!!

– Peace and quiet time with the Lord, even when I don’t have words. He knows everything, hears everything, and sees EVERYTHING.

– All of you that stop by Gab & Graffiti. I see you lurking and liking! And I truly do appreciate your viewer/readership.


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