On Day 6

My emotions are incredibly mixed today. I almost didn’t vote today, but had a last-minute change of heart around 12 p.m. One of my relatives was just diagnosed with breast cancer and when I told my mom the news, she picked a fight over me not asking whether it was malignant or benign – then hung up on me.  With these events in mind, I am thankful for:

– Simply having today OFF!!! No classes or work. Some don’t get this luxury.

– Peace

– Solitude

– Honesty

– The willingness to share.

– Making it to the voting booth.

– That I didn’t stand in line to vote. No one was there except for volunteers!

– Strength

– Understanding

– Faith. Because while my emotions may be mixed, they do not control my conduct. Also, because the grace that is sufficient for me is sufficient for others – providing us with what this guy has…

…and that is resilience.


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