On Day 5

My gratitude comes from:

–  Awkward conversations – followed by pleasant, genuine, non-awkward conversations.

– Our new information commons – my feet is up on these cushion-y diner booth seats (Yeah I’m extra stretched out) and I’m actually being productive. I actually feel like I’m at home with my shoes off and I have nothing to do with my time except be entertained. But I’m actually working!

– Becoming an English major. One of my capstone seminar assignments is to compile several essays from previous English courses into a portfolio, with a reflection essay. Today, as I read a sample reflection during class, my eyes started welling. I have really enjoyed my experience in this major. All the classes, the professors I grew to love, the professors I grew to like,  the outdated, Euro-centric material I studied, the few and far between contemporary and diverse material that I connected with, facilitating discussion (sometimes-affectionately-but-mostly-formerly known as “discourse”), fellow classmates whom I now consider my colleagues. It wasn’t until today that I felt I would actually miss this.

– For the word “actually.” Because I really can’t think of another adverb at the moment that is as equally intense.

– That my thanks will increase as the number of days until my commencement ceremony decreases.

The joy of the Lord is my strength. That is all.



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