…came from three young boys (12-ish) after four nice loud bangs on my door. About 10 minutes ago.

“Don’t y’all know Halloween’s tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” piped up what seemed to be the oldest and the leader. ” But we’re celebrating the pagan holiday of ___ (can’t remember, didn’t register). And it’s tonight.”

God is so funny with me sometimes! I was cooking, hearing these boys beat on other doors before they came to mine. And started thinking about Halloween.

I don’t celebrate it, so do I really have patronize kids with candy every October 31st?

Why do some Christians participate in Halloween festivities with their kids?

What do I say to these kids when they knock on my door tomorrow night?

One option I had was to not answer the door, until these boys knocked tonight.

I answered with an open, warm, friendly but firm demeanor, “I don’t celebrate pagan holidays and I dont celebrate Halloween either. Sorry boys.”

“Okay.” They didn’t look too dejected.

“Stay out of trouble!” I do care about these children. And I did pray for them afterward – more like thanked God for bringing me this test.

But honestly, I wanna know if other believers wrestle with this. The parents and the childless that have little neighbors bang on their doors asking for candy.



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