The Last Semester. End of Week Two.

Happy Labor Night!

Classes last week were pretty alright. Creative writing, predictably, is my favorite class so far – I’ll be showcasing/work-shopping 5 fresh poems next week for our poetry unit. I’m excited to be getting my juices flowing as its been a HOT minute since I’ve written a fresh poem.

My Nana visited me this weekend and completely took over my full-size bed. Like, she ADORED that thing – her adoration shown explicitly with her eagerness to walk up my winding staircase and plop into it after each outing, and of course, her snores.

I’ve been asked out on a date. By a Christian, young man with a beautiful smile and warm presence. Stay tuned for the follow-up:-)

I’d like to sum up the rest of my week with post-it graffiti.

A couple of prayers.


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