Sandra Jean

Le beautiful kids of Crochu. The younger (let’s say pre-K – 3rd graders) are in red uniforms and the older children (few you can see in the photo) are in blue. The girl dancing front and center with the red patch, her name is Sandra Jean.

I was convicted heavily this morning to pray. A month ago I had returned from a combined mission trip/vacation/personal study abroad with my roommate to Haiti. And I’m a little ashamed to say that I’ve been doing more reflecting on my experiences, the comparisons I’ve made, and contemplating what exactly I’m going to do with the 100+ pictures and journal entries – and not enough praying.

I silently asked God for forgiveness for my selfishness, and thought about  Sandra Jean from the little mountain town of Crochu.

While our group was getting acquainted with the swarming children (you couldn’t have met a more curious lot of kids)  this girl in particular caught my eye. Many of the younger girls in red uniform dresses had their names stitched in red patches (complete with red collars, it was adorable ya’ll). Sandra Jean was one of them, with a ripping on the right shoulder of her dress. I asked one of the group members if she had needle and thread on her (even though I had mine, I had to dig deep in my back and I only had black and white thread), and not only did the member have it, she had threads in assorted colors, red included. Amen.

I went to work.

I pulled Sandra Jean aside and told her to sit (best I could in broken kreyol) and give me her right shoulder. With a tiny needle and red thread carefully measured and ripped with my teeth, I began to stitch up her shoulder piece. When I was done, I set her free to join the rest of the bunch that danced, played, and asked for photos of themselves. I watched her from time to time, she was feisty, quick-tempered, self-confident. And I sooooo wanted to take her home with me, her and TiSoph, the girl standing to her left (right in the photo).

More stories from my trip will be coming soon.


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