Wax On, Wax Off

It always makes me incredibly happy when I find solutions to make my life easier, and my appearance better, using minimal effort and costing me zero dollars. Saturday, after a clarifying shampoo (baking soda & water) I was once again staring at squeaky clean scalp and new growth, and white gunky junk left over from the last retwisting done with wax. A week ago marked a year since I’d started my locks. Several weeks ago I transitioned from using wax to shea butter to fresh aloe vera gel to retwist my locks.  Yet before I would retwist I’d have to wait at least 2 whole days before my hair – really that cursed wax- completely dried. Until,

*cue Mary Mary singing in unison*


Yes-ter-daaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy. I discovered an end to this wax tyranny.

Still wrapped in my bath towel, looking in the mirror, I squeezed one lock at the gunk section with my left thumb and forefinger, and squeezed some liquid Dial anti-bacterial hand-soap with my right hand. With my left hand I completely (and gently) squeezed the wax down and out,  using the soap with my right I lathered and scrubbed it into the lock. Next, I rinsed the lock thoroughly with water and squeezed again. With my left fingers still holding the lock I look up in the mirror and what do I see?


A clean, wax-free, jet-black dreadlock.

You couldn’t measure the length of my smile, or the relief in my heart at this beautiful moment.

I dressed, ate something, sectioned my wet hair and repeated what I did to the first lock with the others – a process that involved about 5 hours of squeezing and soaping (each individual lock), then rinsing. Then squeezing, soaping and rinsing again. Certainly the opposite of minimal effort, but when completed gave me a soapy-fresh scalp AND coif. And not only can I see my natural hair color through and through, but my hair dries in 20 minutes and feels twenty times lighter!

Now I have a happy ending, but for you lock-nistas/beautilocks, don’t be like me in my newbie ignorance. We’ve learned to stay away from the much abhorred sodium hydroxide solution aka “creamy crack,” now I urge you, we also must stay away from the yuckamuck known as wax. Murray’s Beeswax, Jamaican Mango & Lime firm wax, etc – I don’t care how great you say it is on your hair, STOP NOW. Use natural products (natural, as in grown in the earth) such as aloe vera sap, honey and others that will give you tight twists while providing extra moisture. You’ll love the results.

I certainly do.


2 thoughts on “Wax On, Wax Off

    • Thanks for stopping by OtherNews! I’m glad you stayed away from the yack, and so glad I could take mine out after a year. Yes, you can use honey, it’s stickiness is guaranteed to make your hair stick/lock. Some will tell you (like the friend who started my locs) that honey will make your hair gunky and dirty, but I’ve met several other loc -wearers that have used pure honey and their locks were clean and beautiful. Yet, I never asked how they protected their hair from flies and the like. My best guess is that covering hair at night and constant moisturizing with non-honey products combat the sweet attraction. When I retwist I mix fresh aloe vera gel with a tablespoon of honey. I haven’t had to swat anything from my hair yet, and I also moisturize with shea butter and oil (I recently bought some grapeseed oil – helps combat dry and dullness).

      I would do some further research if you’re interested in experimenting;-)

      Peace and blessings!

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