Gratitude goes to…

my heavenly Father 

…for helping me accomplish my mission of getting eggs, milk, butter and bread all under $6. The total price was $5.78. My gratuity goes to Food Lion as well.

…for keeping the eggs uncracked and the quart of milk from exploding in my backpack as I biked home.

…for aiding me in spirit so much at work that a customer complimented on my performance to my supervisor.

…for getting me home safely.

…for keeping me healthy.

…for keeping my energy HIGH, when I’m tired, lazy and feel like “doing it later.”

…for our new home. My new spacious room. The bed, desk and dresser it came with and the hardwood. I can’t hate it anymore, it keeps my room cool.

…for extending my family at work. Just about all of us there are CCU students! And so far, no issues and hang-ups.

…that I’m not just a circumstantial praiser.

…for conviction.



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