Can’t Believe I Just FOUND THIS!!

I made a few wonderful, exciting and enriching discoveries last night.

 I discovered while having my Thanksgiving meal with a glass of Chianti, that I STILL have yet to taste a red wine that blows my mind. But I do like me some blush and rieslings. About this one, the “crisp and fruity” did me in for my dollars, and how could I ignore a little old man with watery, beady eyes pleading “Pick me! Pick me!?” I respect my elders. This is the first wine I’ve ever purchased and it is delicious.

One of my top 3 favorite films of ALL TIME! I’d been WAITING for this to be in the Walmart $5 DVD dumpster-dive. And last night, there it was, patiently waiting for me. I bought this along with Minnie Mouse footie pj’s and some glasses for discovery number one.

I stumbled upon this last night at work perusing The Root‘s list of blogs they like. An online magazine that showcases, previews and celebrates black alternative, rock, soul, jazz, art and anything black & indie is just…freakin awesome. Adding this to my Pulse news line-up immediately.


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